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You will find on this page a list of links to load testing resources, articles, tutorials and videos on load and peformance testing.

Load Testing in Wikipedia

Web Load in Wikipedia

Software Development Tools - Load and Performance Testing section

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Load Testing Articles

Load Testing Survey Results

Free Web Load Testing Services

Modeling the Real World for Load Testing Web Sites

Eradicating Load Testing Errors - Part 1: Correlation Errors

Eradicating Load Testing Errors - Part 2: Mastering Correlation

Best Practices for Speeding Up Your Web Site

Rich-client application performance, Part 1: Tools, techniques, and tips for analyzing performance

Designing Performance Testing Metrics into Highly Distributed J2EE Applications

Automation for the people: Continuous testing

Scenarios for Load Testing

Reference Metrics for Service-Oriented Architectures

Java run-time monitoring

JMeter Plugins

Load Testing as Science and Art

Directory of load testing articles


Load Testing Videos

Using open source tools for performance testing

Extreme JavaScript Performance

High Performance Web Sites: 14 Rules for Faster Pages

Website Stress Testing using JMeter

Testing Performance of Java Applications

Scaling Rails: Load Testing - Part 1

Scaling Rails: Load Testing - Part 2

Stress-Testing Java EE 6 Applications Without Stress

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